About Sub Rosa

A few years back, despite a growing national craze for house-cured everything, there was very little handmade charcuterie we loved.  We couldn’t find the quality we wanted, the subtlety we craved, or the fanatical attention to detail and consistency we require.  Big operations on both sides of the Atlantic operate on economies of scale, and that rarely inspires the ecstasy that great salumi should.  Most small-scale artisan curing in the US is either flawed by less-than-optimal curing environments, or a simple lack of knowledge.  Traditional urban producers, fabled “pork stores”,  from Brooklyn to San Francisco, have either given up or gone underground, due to an increasing climate of strict regulation.

After two-years of extensive R&D, fabrication of our two custom curing chambers, and certification, Sub Rosa Salumi launched in 2012, with absolutely no fanfare whatsoever.  Starting with just a few gorgeous pigs and a few customers, we produce cured meats under the watchful eye the California Department of Food and Agriculture, an agency we have come to love. Sub Rosa Salumi and charcuterie is handmade in the Napa Valley, from the finest quality heritage breed pork, GMO-free beef, and locally raised duck and rabbit.  Each piece is hand-cut, hand-massaged, hand-mixed, hand-pressed, and hand-tied, by insanely geeky artisans who understand that the environment in which we cure our meats is every bit as important as the quality of the meat itself, and the time-honored methods we use.  Our one-of-a-kind custom curing chambers were designed and built in house, allowing us to control every facet of the curing process.

To purchase Sub Rosa on line, click here.  You can also taste and buy our products at our back-door kitchen store, or at the Saint Helena Farmers Market every Friday, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, from May through October.


One thought on “About Sub Rosa

  1. SubRosa boards were a hit with a wine group that we hosted for a presentation at the winery. Both were a wonderful presentation and everything was labeled and so very well done. Delicious cured salumi, cheeses, olives and pate – we couldn’t ask for a better spread that our guests devoured!
    Many thanks to Chef David!

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